Payment Methods  

You can pay using the following methods.

Credit or Debit Card
Bank Deposit or Transfer
Other Methods

Credit or Debit Card

Paypal is used. However, Paypal account is not required.

Below are 2 ways it can look like, in your browser.


Paypal account is required.

Below are 2 ways it can look like, in your browser.

Bank Transfer Or Deposit

You can deposit or transfer your payment into the following account.
Bank OCBC Bank
Bank Account Type Savings Account
Branch Number 687
Account Number 030734-001

For us to give you access for the product you purchased, please contact us and inform us of the following:

Information Example
Email Address
Name (optional) John Smith
Phone Number (optional)
Date And Time Of Deposit/Transfer October 1, 2010, 8:10PM
Mode Of Payment

(internet banking transfer from another bank, Cash deposit machine, counter cash deposit, check deposit)
internet banking transfer from a DBS account
Reference Code, If Any

Other Methods

Please contact us to offer or suggest other ways of paying.
  • BTT
  • RTT
  • FTT
Customer Reviews
Practiced all 10 sets the night before my test,
passed with 50/50 on my first attempt.
Highly recommended.

Angeline, 2019-02-07
Scored 46/50 for first attempt!
Questions are similar to those in their systems.
Well recommended to those who never had time to go to schools and do the practice.
This web really helps alot!
Thanks to those who contributed to this.

Taufiq, 2018-12-01
Practice tests are very comprehensive.
Was very helpful to identify the knowledge gaps.
Questions here are tougher/ trickier than what you actually get.
Cleared my BTT in first attempt.

Mohit, 2018-11-02
Very helpful.
Questions as close as the one that the BTT have in their system.
Scored 94% first try, had the app for only 2 weeks.

Gary, 2018-05-24
Best website and worth the money.
Good gauge as to how actual BTT was like - however, note BTT at BBDC is touchscreen.
2-3 questions in the test did not appear on this website, but was able to answer from other sites.
Overall, great compilation of questions for revision, easy to use on the desktop and helped me pass my BTT with 95%.

SCC, 2018-03-13
The tests were really helpful. It is really a good platform to practice. I have cleared my BTT in first attempt with 97%.

Vivek, 2017-04-17
VERY best test ever. i got my test today.. i PASS with 50/50.. thank you so much..

Gan J J, 2016-01-22
Cleared the BTT today. Thanks itestdriving. The tests on this portal are pretty similar to the actual tests.

Amit, 2015-12-08
Understanding and answering questions here will almost guarantee a pass at the real test.

The questions here ensure that you know the subject matter thoroughly.

I review here for the BTT questions.

Jignesh Kapadia, 2015-07-11
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