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Singapore Driving License - Basic Theory Test (BTT) - Practice Tests


The BTT package contains 10 complete tests (totalling to 500 questions).

Taking The Practice Tests

Just like the real exam, you must complete a test in 50 minutes. You may choose to have an untimed test. You can also choose to review the questions one by one, untimed, and answers shown.

Also, just like the real exam, the passing score is 90% (that means, you must have answered correctly, at least 45 questions).

Each complete test has:

1. 50 questions just like the real test
2. full coverage (100%) of the test topics

The look and feel, and features of itestdriving.com's test interface is similar to the real test interface at the testing centers.

You can take the tests in 3 different ways:

1. Just Like The Real Test (Timed)
2. Just Like The Real Test, But Untimed
3. Review (Answers Shown, Untimed)

Source Of Practice Questions

The questions are based on the official book, which contains everything you need to pass the test:

Basic Theory Of Driving, 9th Edition (published by MultiNine Corporation Pte Ltd under the authority of the Singapore Traffic Police)

ITestDriving's BTT Package covers practically every inch of this book. There are questions on every single topic in the book. If you are a student at a driving center, they might give the book for free. Otherwise, you can buy it from most bookstores. It costs less than 5$ each.

If you having any problem locating the book, let us know and we can try to help you. You can also search the book on Google, ebay, etc. as sometimes, there are new and used copies on sale on some websites or forums.

Quality Of Practice Questions

ITestDriving's questions are the best out there.

All ITestDriving questions underwent thorough review to remove any traces of vagueness or inaccuracy. It is an ITestDriving policy that you will be refunded for any reason that you are not completely satisfied with our product.


You can try the product.

100% Money Back Guarantee

About The Real Exam

Basic Theory Test (BTT)

Basic Theory Test (BTT)

Passing The Basic Theory Test (BTT)

To acquire a driving license of type Motorcar 3/3A and Motorcycle 2B, the requirements include passing the Basic Theory Test (BTT) in one of the driving centres of the Singapore Traffic Police (below).

For foreign driving license conversions, the Basic Theory Test (BTT) is also required. For more information on foreign driving license conversion, you can visit  Singapore Police Force's Driving Licence Information Page.

The test is computer-based.

For more information, you can visit Singapore Police Force's Driving In Singapore Site .

Below are details of the test:

Minimum age 18
Question number and types 50 multiple choice questions
Time limit 50 minutes
Passing score 90% (45 questions)
Languages available (the test can be taken in any of these languages) English, Chinese, Malay or Tamil


BTT Package
S$ 5.99 for 60 days access
  • BTT
  • RTT
  • FTT
Customer Reviews
Today (30/June/2015) I took BTT. I got 100% mark.

Really the questions in this site helps. If anyone clearly read the questions and answered correctly in this site (Understanding questions are very important here), surely you will pass real BTT very easily. Because here questions are tricky.

Highly recommended this test site.

But caution, before going to take test in this site, do read the books for BTT (available in popular, and other places. etc.)

Jayachandran, 2015-06-30

Won't be able to pass my btt on my first attempt,48/50...without subscribing to this wonderful package.

All i have to say,the test here are all harder than the real btt test.

Highly recommend to all taking their btt test..

Will subscribe to tour final theory test in future..

Again..thanks to all the wonderful people at itestdriving

rudi, 2015-01-22
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