Singapore Driving License Practice Tests
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Customer Reviews
As promised. Complete the whole 10 sets of tests, you are ready to pass. 48/50. Thx!!!

Eli, 2021-11-23
Just as most of the other reviews have said, this is a great product to use to practice for the BTT.
The questions are much harder than the actual BTT so I just spent a night doing the ten tests and I found the BTT much easier in comparison :)
I scored 49/50 and finished the test in 10 minutes.
Definitely worth the price!

Karen, 2021-09-20
This is an outstanding website for your driving theory tests.
As many other reviewers have noted, the tests are significantly tougher than the actual BTT, so that you are over prepared by the time you take the actual test.
I got a 50/50 on the actual test, pretty much after practicing the 10 tests on this website + a bit of reference to the latest book.
Completely worth the money - if one merely does all the tests and learns from the wrong answers, one should be able to sail through the actual test. No other prep required.

RS, 2021-05-12
Really a good platform.
I just done my BTT last Wed and passed with 49/50 within 15 mins.

Michelle, 2019-07-18
Such a wonderful platform for this BTT.
I jus done my BTT and passed with 50/50 in jus 20 mins.
Surely recommend.
Thanks Itest

Deen, 2019-04-09
Excellent site and environment to prepare for the real exam.
Test questions here are more complicated than the real test.
At first it was discouraging but once you figure out the rationale it makes you have stronger command over the material.
Highly recommend this site.

Allan Fuller, 2019-03-07
Benefit a lot from this platform.
Have been doing this eversince I took my Class 3 license.
Now I'm sitting for my Class 2B license.
Practice the test within a month and passed one time with 47/50 for trial test and 46/50 for actual test.

Farihah, 2019-03-02
Did all of these tests before my exam and I scored 50/50.
These questions are harder than the real test.
Excellent app to practice on and it will guarantee you pass the test first time.
Questions are very similar to the real test.
Thank you!

Naz, 2019-02-18
Practiced all 10 sets the night before my test,
passed with 50/50 on my first attempt.
Highly recommended.

Angeline, 2019-02-07
Scored 46/50 for first attempt!
Questions are similar to those in their systems.
Well recommended to those who never had time to go to schools and do the practice.
This web really helps alot!
Thanks to those who contributed to this.

Taufiq, 2018-12-01
Practice tests are very comprehensive.
Was very helpful to identify the knowledge gaps.
Questions here are tougher/ trickier than what you actually get.
Cleared my BTT in first attempt.

Mohit, 2018-11-02
Very helpful.
Questions as close as the one that the BTT have in their system.
Scored 94% first try, had the app for only 2 weeks.

Gary, 2018-05-24
Best website and worth the money.
Good gauge as to how actual BTT was like - however, note BTT at BBDC is touchscreen.
2-3 questions in the test did not appear on this website, but was able to answer from other sites.
Overall, great compilation of questions for revision, easy to use on the desktop and helped me pass my BTT with 95%.

SCC, 2018-03-13
The tests were really helpful. It is really a good platform to practice. I have cleared my BTT in first attempt with 97%.

Vivek, 2017-04-17
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